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Born 5.7.1976. in Smederevo

-1995. finished Design High School in Belgrade.

-1998. finished Secondary School for Arts and Design in Belgrade.

My major interests are graphic design, illustration, animation, caricature, comic, concept-art, screenwriting...


-2004. "V. Novosti" are publishing my creative owned daily comic "Stokici" for 7 months.

-2004. With ZUNS and Visual Production I'm creating educational interactive kids game "Keepers of Nature"

and I'm illustrating edicational book "K. o. N." and both products get silver medal in Educational Fair in Belgrade.

-2003. As designer and illustrator I'm working for The Institute for School Books and Teaching Aids(ZUNS) and satirical magazine "TRN" as cartoonist.

-2002. RTS(National TV) puts on air my 3 screenplays for New Year episodes of "Be Nice".

-Since 2001. I'm in Visual Production as designe and animator. In that time I was worked as designer, animator,project manager, illustrator on many projects such as animated commercial for "Imlek", ambalage for "Prigat-borovnica-juice", re-design for chocolate cream "Nellino", complete visual identity for "Essential company"...etc.

-2000. In Tv Smederevo I was co-creator, graphic artist, and host for TV show "ZonaSmed Kvota Flash".

-1999. I was graphic designer for printing firm "Dimitrije Davidovic" and worked on "Privredni Savetnik", "Godomin" and "Dunav Group" publications.

-1998. My animated short film "Recipe for succes" was in selection for 1999 Festival of Autors Films in Belgrade.

-1998. I was inbetweener and clean-up artist in French series "Anatol" in "Bikic studio".



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